Helping Current Employees, Creating More Jobs

On the retail side, moving from the current 600 outlets to as many as 1,800 means there will be more career opportunities in new businesses looking to hire good, knowledgeable employees.  Many of the chain wine and liquor stores pay good, family-sustaining salaries with benefits.

Here's the bottom line: if current state store workers are good, private industry will scoop them up. 

Displaced PLCB employees who intend to remain in the workforce will receive the following opportunities under the plan:  
•    3 additional points on Civil Service exam.
•    Preferential treatment given for state jobs that don’t require Civil Service exam, as long as employee has necessary skills.
•    $1,000 per year grant for part-time education.
•    $2,000 per year grant for full-time education.
•    $2,000 per year (for two years) tax credit for those hiring displaced workers, something no other person in the job market will have.