How Much $$$ is PA Losing to Border Bleed?
Why Must We Privatize Liquor Sales?

Government has many responsibilities, such as providing a quality education, ensuring safe streets, and protecting clean air and water. Selling wine and liquor – let alone promoting its use – is not one of them.


The state-store system is a dinosaur of bureaucracy with an inherent conflict of interest.  The state promotes the sale of alcoholic beverages through state-store marketing and advertising, and then also tries to reduce abusive consumption through its education and enforcement efforts.  The PLCB also created and marketed their own brands in direct competition to Pennsylvania and other vineyards.The current system is based on protecting a myriad of special interests with a stake in this monopolistic system.

Pennsylvania is one of just two states that maintain full control of the wholesale and retail sale of wine and spirits.  If our model was so superior, why aren’t other states modeling their liquor sales after us?

Any organization relying on the passage of laws by any legislature to change basic operation procedures… has a failing business plan. 


The public overwhelmingly and consistently agrees; EVERY poll says the same thing—people support the state getting OUT of the liquor business.  Pennsylvanians just want to be able to purchase wine and spirits at more convenient locations, other than just the state stores.  

As of today, Pennsylvanians have to buy their beer in one place and their wine and liquor in a different place.  If they want a six-pack of beer, they go one place, and if they want a case, they go someplace else.  Through privatization, shopping becomes more convenient through the authorization of one-stop shopping opportunities.  This allows people to buy their beer, wine and spirits at the same place, at the same time.

It will double the number of outlets where people can purchase wine and spirits and allow beer distributors to sell six-packs, 12-packs and growlers, rather than cases only.

Giving retailers the ability to negotiate with private wholesales may lead to lower prices for shoppers.

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